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The Holy Guardian Angel

The Holy Guardian Angel


Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.


Thelemic practice centers around what is known as “Knowledge and Conversation” of the Holy Guardian Angel.

It is this moment of clarity and enlightenment that all of the other rituals and practices are meant to lead the aspirant toward. Crowley was consistent in his belief that this experience was vital for every individual, and that they should strive constantly toward it. It is widely thought that once an individual has experienced this Knowledge and Conversation, they seem to be guided by their angel more and more directly going forward.

Crowley called his “HGA” by the name Aiwass, and said that the Book of the Law was dictated to him by this, as he described it, “praeter-human intelligence“. He claimed he was merely writing down the words as they were being dictated to him by this angel. Elsewhere however, he also wrote that the voice came from over his left shoulder and described the experience as if there was an actual person in the room dictating it.

The HGA concept is approached by some individuals from a spiritual perspective, believing that these angels exist in an objective way, outside of the self. Others view it as a sort of “Inner Genius” that exists in each one of us. Perhaps our truest inner self under the layers of the subconscious. In either case, the practices of Thelema do guide the individual toward this attainment. People do indeed have this experience, and have had similar experiences using various methods throughout history.

A specific ritual that is commonly considered to be the the most effective way to achieve this Knowledge and Conversation is Known as Liber Samekh, or Liber DCCC.  Crowley also speaks of this experience and his completion of the task in the 8th Aethyr of The Vision and the Voice. His experience of and interaction with his HGA, and the Class A Documents that were generated by the interaction between them are what form the basis of the Philosophical and Religious system we know as Thelema.


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